Our Most Popular Styles

Kitchen Cabinets come in many different styles. The two main distinctions are Box construction and Door Styles.

The two main types of box construction are Frame, and Frameless also known as European Style.

When it comes to door styles the most popular are Shaker style and Raised Panel Style.

In the last few years we have seen a steady rise in popularity of the Shaker Door Style. Its main appeal is the extreme simplicity of its design. A simple square frame of even dimensions between components and a recessed simple panel. The door is made out of solid wood, and usually painted with an acrylic enamel. The look though minimalisti, is very appealing.

Shaker Styles

Kitchen cabinets white shaker

Shaker White

Shaker Grey

kitchen cabinets white shaker european style

Shaker European Style

kitchen cabinets espresso shaker

Shaker Espresso

Cherry Shaker

Traditional Styles

kitchen cabinets creme glaze

Creme White

Linen Glaze

kitchen cabinets classic cherry

Cherry Maple

Mahogany Maple